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End of Season 2018 Address

Hi all,

The end of the normal season for seniors has come up quickly on us this year, but overall the club has done quite well - 6 of our 7 seniors teams are in finals this year, including the two new teams we fielded. This is a fantastic effort from everyone involved - the players, the coaches & managers, the supporters, and everyone who has helped organise and enable us to play week in and week out. The final placings for our teams are just below, along with the fixtures for finals - the first round sees all our turf teams at Guildford, and our two grass teams in finals at Hale. Don't forget that juniors are still going at this point, and we still have our windup fast approaching - tickets need to be confirmed by the 14th of September, so don't delay!

Senior Placings
This season has seen a tremendous amount of growth and passion for hockey; we've seen old players returning, new ones swelling our numbers, and even players who've come back to us after playing in juniors with us many years ago. It's been fantastic to see the rise in numbers, club involvement, and the generally positive club atmosphere at games. We've seen the hard work turn to progress as well, with all bar one senior team making it into finals; unfortunately, the over 40s have struggled with numbers this year, especially due to injuries. Hopefully things will fare better for them in the next season. Here are the final placings for our senior teams this year, followed by our finals fixtures (all of these are on Saturday the 1st of September);

Team Placing
Prov 1 Men 4th Place
Prov 4 (Sand) Men 1st Place
Prov 4 (Black) Women 2nd Place
Prov 4 (Gold) Women 4th Place
Metro 3 Men 4th Place
O40s Div 3 Men 7th Place
O50s Div 3 (Black) Men 4th Place

Team Semi Final Fixture
Metro 3 Men 3:30pm at Hale 2 vs. YMCC
O50s Div 3 (Black) Men 1:45pm at Hale 2 vs. Hale
Prov 4 (Gold) Women 5:45pm at Guildford Turf vs. Curtin
Prov 4 (Black) Women 12:30pm at Guildford Turf vs. Guildford
Prov 1 Men 4pm at Guildford vs. WASPS
Prov 4 (Sand) Men 2:15pm at Guildford Turf vs. Guildford

Social Calendar
Junior Windup: Tuesday the 11th of September
Senior Windup: Friday the 21st of September

Sponsors Day
Unfortunately, due to other obligations, we were unable to get our sponsors down for the day, but we did see a large club turnout for the last round, with many club members coming to watch the back to back games. They were also able to celebrate a momentous achievement for the day - Craig 'Trotty' Trott was recognised for his 800th game for our club on the weekend, with a banner, a special jacket, and quick pre-game acknowledgement of this fantastic dedication to Eastern Blades. Along with everything else Trotty has done off the field (for which he was made a life member in previous years) this was a great day to behold for his on-field commitment to the club as well. Thank you for all those who helped organise the sponsors day, and the 800th game celebration!

Banner Jacket

Junior Windup
The Windup for our juniors will be on Tuesday the 11th of September at the clubrooms from 5:30pm - there will be pizza and drinks available, along with a small presentation to celebrate the progress and success of the juniors this year.

Senior Windup
Our Club Senior Windup is fast approaching on Friday the 21st of September - tickets are now available from your team representatives for $65. Please have the money on hand, or be able to provide proof of electronic payment (a screenshot of the transfer etc.) before collecting your ticket from your team representative. We are holding it at the lovely Mulberry on Swan this year, with the doors open from 6:30pm. Don't forget that we hold our AGM at the windup as well! Tickets need to be purchased by the 14th of September, which pays for a buffet dinner, the location, and a DJ & photographer. Alcohol will need to be purchased from the cash bar on the night, so don't forget to bring some money as well!

Entertainment Books
The Club is selling Entertainment books again this year. The online order page link is available at Entertainment Books Blades. These are some really great deals, and we get a lot of comments back from the people who purchase them praising the wide range of vouchers and discounts it offers. If you're interested but unsure, please contact Paul 'Goz' Sicluna on 0435964356.

Fundraising Chocolates
The fundraising is still underway; for those who have sold their chocolate, please remember to pass on the money to your team representatives ASAP. Thank you again for all those who have participated in supporting the club through this.

The Club continues to provide one of the most competitive fee structures thanks to our generous sponsors and your efforts in our fundraising activities. Fees are as follows. We've now passed into the final deadline, for anyone who is still sorting out non-casual player fees. Most people are paid up, but for those that aren't please speak to your team reps ASAP.

Senior Rate:
-$420.00 if paid after 26th June

Concession Rate:
-$380.00 if paid after 26th June

Casual Player:
$25.00 per game to a maximum of 10 games then the appropriate senior rate of $420 or concession rate of $380 if playing more than 10 games

Social Member - $25.00

J 5/6 - $100
Hook in2 Hockey - $50
Hin2H Equipment Pack - $27

Bank Details:
A/C Name: Eastern Blades Hockey Club Inc.
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB Number: 066-132
A/C Number: 00901772
Reference: Please quote Surname and team

Please note that if you require a playing shirt, a new stock has arrived; please contact Craig Trott (e: the.trotts@bigpond.com) for more information. Playing shirts are $35, and Tracksuit tops are still available for $85. If you need socks, these can be purchases from Jinder at Hockey International.

All senior players need to register online ASAP. The link to the online registration and instructions is available on our club website on the bottom of the front page or by using the following link https://memberdesq.onesporttechnology.com/1190/org If you have any issues please contact your Team Representatives, or a committee member.

For Juniors, please refer to the Juniors page on the website for instructions, as these differ somewhat from our Senior registration.

Code of Conduct
As a reminder to all players and club members, we have a Club Code of Conduct which outlines our commitment to respect our fellow players, opposition, officials, coaches and our Club. We believe as a Club our conduct is of a very high standard but we should all strive to maintain this standard at all times. Additionally, a reminder to us all of our obligations to fulfil our umpiring duties. If you are not confident to umpire then contact Paul Marion or Rhiannon Writer to ask their assistance to mentor you in a game.

For those wishing to spectate our junior matches for the rest of the season, the J5/6 plays at 10am at Altone on the 1st of September, and 10am at Hale on the 8th of September.

Our Hook in 2 Hockey program continues to run on Tuesdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm at Altone. Please contact Nick Seddon (nicholas.seddon@woodside.com.au) if you are interested in helping out.